ACTIOn - Our country case studies

ACTIOn - Our country case studies

We are happy to present you 8 different case studies from the piloting phase within the ACTIon project.

Our piloting phase was implemented in the period from June 2022 to June 2023, in which 5 partner organizations from Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and North Macedonia implemented a variety of activities using ACTIon’s two innovative methodologies: MOLA (Model for Opinion Leaders’ Online Activation) and DigiPAC (Digital Participation and Active Citizenship).

Both methodologies were implemented on the national and community level, combining online and offline education methods that complement and foster active participation of young people. By their nature, both methodologies and piloting approach of the partners promoted the active awareness of creating safe spaces for young people’s voices, decisions and positioning on the topics of democracy, fundamental rights and values education.

In these case studies, you will find different experiences and views from the practitioners, trainers, teachers and young people through their use of DigiPAC and MOLA.

The good practice case studies in the use of DigiPAC are oriented towards youth participation, digital youth participation and active citizenship and showcase how young people and youth-led organizations worldwide can approach strengthening capacities of high school teachers and youth workers in enhancing youth participation, digital youth participation and active citizenship.

The good practice case studies using MOLA are oriented towards empowering young people with proper tools and knowledge that they can use as an opinion leader.

The methodologies offered by the ACTIon project are available as a resource for any interested organizations to implement good practices when working with young people. This includes youth participation and youth empowerment as essential parts of coordination that contribute to the prevention, preparedness, and response to future public health emergencies.

The guiding principle is keeping the young people at the heart of ACTIon!

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