ACTIon Final International Workshop

ACTIon Final International Workshop

ACTIon Final Workshop was organised with the theme: Digital Skills for Active Citizenship and Online Youth Participation on 25 September.

The Workshop was organized during the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2023 in Zagreb-Croatia with the participation of 26 participants – 14 external participants and 12 participants from project partners – from a total of 13 countries – Austria (2), Belgium (2), Bulgaria (3), France (1), Hungary (1), Germany (5), Greece (1), Italy (4), Netherlands (2), North Macedonia (3), Serbia (1) and Spain (1).

On this event representatives Mariche Treneska and Vesna Konevska Stojanoska from the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA introduced another dimension to the discussion by sharing insights on the experience of youth workers and youth organizations during their piloting activities in North Macedonia. A series of capacity building activities were carried out for youth organizations and youth workers, as well as for teachers from high schools for digital participation and active citizenship through the introduction of DigiPAC methodology. The most important aspect of SEGA’s intervention was the methodology which offered a variety of non-formal methods to be used or simulated during trainings and follow up activities by youth workers and teachers. All participants involved in the trainings carried out follow up activities and provided positive feedback for further use of DigiPAC.  

Regarding the methodology, all three parts from DigiPAC were interesting for youth workers, but the highlight was the youth participation through a special practical session for active using OPIN as this was a practical tool that can be used by youth workers in their daily activities. The youth workers and teachers carried out follow up activities with young people using OPIN as an .innovative online tool for e-participation. OPIN was introduced to all the youth workers, who were then required to create the profiles for the organizations on this platform. This step was important to encourage organizations to create profiles on OPIN, which will motivate them to use this platform in their projects. 

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